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Institute of Race Relations: ‘Apologists for terrorism:’ dissent and the limits of free expression

Frances Webber Freedom of thought, expression and inquiry is under renewed threat from governments which, paradoxically, claim to be fighting to preserve freedom of expression in Europe. The ongoing case of a Belgian prison teacher issued with a work ban on national security grounds, and other disturbing cases of exclusion and criminalisation that have occurred

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The Eronen-Hirvisaari scandal reveals their contempt for press freedom, immigrants and minorities

Helena Eronen , the Perussuomalaiset (PS) parliamentary aide who suggested in a satirically intended blog entry that foreigners and minorities should start wearing armbands, appeared on two talk shows Friday. One of the most disturbing matters that is reinforced in both interviews is Eronen’s Hirvisaari-spirited view of immigrants and contempt for press freedom.

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Hijacking my picture and defaming me and Migrant Tales on the Internet (Part 3)

It has been a very busy weekend for Migrant Tales: defamation, insults and even a death threat from a forum called Ylilauta. The administrator, Tuomas Siitonen, visited our blog yesterday and said he is not responsible for what has happened. Even if a typical Ylilauta blogger is eighteen years old and still living with his parents letting out his steam on the Internet anonymously, there is a deeper issue at stake here.

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