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Exceptionalism is our greatest enemy in promoting social equality and press freedom in Finland

I used to comment mock the Swedes before for their exceptionalism. The argument is simple – Sweden is such “a perfect” society that social no-nos like racism don’t exist. The same exceptionalism that we may see in Sweden is alive and kicking in Finland, too. Exceptionalism is everywhere and you know it if you are Other.

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(Migrant Tales November 6, 2011) Kansan Uutiset: Ihmisoikeudet ohjaamaan maahanmuuttojournalismi

Migrant Tales insight: Helsingin Sanomat editor Riikka Venäläinen was quoted this week on Etelä-Suomen Sanomat as saying that the Finland’s largest daily commits mistakes when covering immigration issues.  One got the impression that even if  Helsingin Sanomat is striving to report more fairly and comprehensively the issue, Venäläinen made it sound as if it was

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