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The national media and far-right populism: Maintaining the myth of Finnish innocence with the pillars of exceptionalism

A good example of how the media maintains the myth of Finnish innocence and its exceptionalism is how it plays down the impact of the Perussuomalaiset* (PS) party on the country’s far-right journey. Helsingin Sanomat’s Marko Junkkari appears a lot on TV talk shows to give his opinion of current events. He recently appeared on

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Media coverage of the women and children refugees of the al-Hol camp is a low for Finnish journalism

The Finnish media should stop using a bazooka to kill an ant. Is the Finnish media fair when it reports about migrants and minorities like Muslims? Is its reporting biased and unbalanced? The Oulu sexual assault cases and the debate surrounding the al-Hola are the latest examples. Certainly, State Broadcasting Company Yle’s coverage of the

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White Finnish media story of the day*: Use words that promote inclusion and public spaces to people of color and other minorities

A headline in a Helsingin Sanomat news story about US President Donald Trump’s racist tweets to “the Squad,” four progressive women elected to congress in 2018, highlights how the media racializes non-white people in Finland. While the story uses the Finnish News Agency (STT) and AFP as sources, the copy editors at Helsingin Sanomat could

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