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Finnish Defence League strikes Mikkeli, Finland

I was quite surprised to find this rude sticker of the far right Finnish Defence League (FDL) near my home today.  That follows another one placed on a lamppost in front of my house in March 2012 by the neo-Nazi Kansallinen vastarintaliike (SVL).  The good news is that the FDL stickers, which erroneously claim the

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PS Counterjihadists: Live and die politically by the sword

The Perussuomalaiset (PS) party is at a crucial juncture concerning its strange-bedfellow relationship with Counterjihadist and populist radical right members. What kind of links do some members of the PS have with far-right groups like the Finnish Defense League (FDL)? The FDL is nothing more than a mouthpiece of the English Defense League, a violent

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