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Migrant Tales Media Monitoring: Yle spikes it up with parties that promote fear and uses their xenophobic labels

Yle’s reported Tuesday building a border fence between Finland and Russia. Reporting from Estonia’s capital Tallinn, Yle reporter Rain Kooli said that the wall between Estonia and Russia was to stop migrants – not asylum seekers – and illegal migrants. The project, which the Finnish Border Guard is spearheading, will cost hundreds of millions of

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EDITORIAL: Are Finns ignorant about immigration?

Some claim that one should forgive some Finns for their outrageous statements on immigrants and refugees since they are fuelled by ignorance. If there are serious shortcomings in our immigration and integration policy it can be blamed on our lack of experience.

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(Another) Finnish Border Guard scare-tactic story

Here is another scare-tactic story by the Finnish Border Guard to reinforce our fears of the “uncontrolled hordes” of refugees that are attempting to enter Finland illegally. It is a bit like a recent story by YLE that aims to fuel refugee and immigrant hysteria among the population.

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