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Tighter family reunification laws spearheaded by the PS with the government’s blessing are an example of the Denmarkization of Finland

It’s a good matter that government plans to tighten family reunification guidelines have met a stormy reception. We all know that the Perussuomalasiet (PS)*, who base their popularity on anti-immigration rhetoric, are spearheading new tighter guidelines that will make family reunification much harder.

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Court of Appeal rules against challenge to lawfulness of family immigration rules

Migrant Tales’ insight: The drama and pain continues in the United Kingdom after this unfair ruling… ________________ The long-awaited judgment of the Court of Appeal in the case ‘MM’ on the matter of the lawfulness of the UK immigration rules setting income levels for the sponsorship of non-EEA family members was made public this morning. 

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