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Peddling theories about ethnic replacement in Finland for political profit and blood

I received a call from an old Migrant Tales reader who was distraught about a letter to the editor written by the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* Youth of Lappeenranta. The headline? “The nation-state is our best protection.” Is it? The reader continued: “How can Helsingin Sanomat publish something that openly excludes non-white Finns and other minorities in Finland? I’m

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A fake news website in Finland run by neo-Nazis

A neo-Nazi online publication called Partisaani is a good example of how far-right groups feed and fool readers. After close examination, the Partisaani publication’s layout has a striking similarity to Yle’s, the Finnish Broadcasting Company website. Even the typeset and layout of the stories are a copy of Yle. Check the two examples below. The

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