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Eva Biaudet: Finland’s ever-culturally and ethnically diverse society in the new century (Part I)

Swedish People’s Party (SPP) MP Eva Biaudet has made a name for herself defending those that don’t have a voice in society and those who are most vulnerable to discrimination and exploitation. If there is a person that can give a picture of where Finland is or should be heading in this century as our country becomes ever-culturally and ethnically diverse, that person is certainly Biaudet.

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Some migrants can be pretty racist, especially those who enjoyed ethnic privilege in their former homelands

I am at a gathering at the British Council in Helsinki hearing a talk in 2013 by Eva Biaudet, the Ombudsman for Minorities, on discrimination and prejudice in Finland. After the talk, one of the participants, a white Englishman, says: “You speak just like a [U.S.] American.” People who make such statements assume a lot

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