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How long will our good will and patience last while millions of Ukrainian seek refuge in the EU?

On Tuesday, 2.011 million refugees have fled Ukraine since February 24, according to the UNHCR. Some sources speculate that up to 4 million refugees may flee the war in Ukraine. In light of Europe’s bleak history and the worst human rights abuses, atrocities, and wars in all of history, one wonders how long our goodwill lasts. The

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A new Afghan family of four arrives at the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos Island

As European politicians fruitlessly figure out how to resolve the ever-worsening refugee situation, Europe’s inaction has tuned refugees into invisible beings whose muffled sounds of suffering turn some of our hearts into stone. Some Europeans are indifferent to the plight of such people because they believe that they could never become refugees in their lifetimes.

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