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What does Mesolithic man, who had blue eyes and was dark-skinned, reveal about our European ethnicity?

Our obsession with ethnicity or race is always exposed when our myths and cultural wise tales are exposed by science. DNA taken from a molar of a European hunter-gatherer, who lived around 7,000 years ago, showed the Mesolithic man to have blue eyes, black or brown hair and dark skin, according to the Guardian. Read full

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Migrant Tales Literary with Le monde n’est pas: Around Europe by Miguel Velayos

Comment: I came across this neat website on Twitter called Le monde n’est pas rond  (The world is not round). The website describes itself as “an international artistic newspaper, based in Luxembourg, that explores the contemporary realities of migration, borders, and human rights through the publication of articles, art and illustration, photography, prose and poetry.” Why not

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How do some Finns discriminate?

In countries such as the United States and Brazil the term “race” is used to find out the ethnic diversity of their societies. While it is unclear why Brazil classifies in its census people from different ethnicities, in the United States it is done when drawing up electoral districts.

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