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Habiba Ali: Stand up for your rights and don’t remain quiet if you are treated unjustly

Habiba Ali, a Social Democrat candidate for parliament, was stopped on Saturday by a security guard at the Entresse Shopping Center’s Lidl and wrongly suspected of shoplifting a can of tuna fish. Ali asked the security guard, who treated her with respect, why she would shoplift a can of tuna if she just purchased a lot of food from the market. 

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A Cameroonian national football player’s 18-day detention and nightmare in Finland

Bad luck and alleged ethnic profiling by the Finnish Border Guard at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport led to the detention of Christian Heumi Kabon, a Cameroonian who plays for that country’s national team. He was sent to the Metsälä immigration removal center in Helsinki, where he was detained for 18 days, from October 30 to November 16.

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The structural Islamophobia and racism embedded within Finnish Police

Migrant Tales insight: This story was received today by us from Linda Hyökki.  On Wednesday, October 10, the NGO “Stop Deportations” and Sanna Valtonen from “Refugees Welcome” shared on social media pictures that shocked anti-racist activists, and indeed generally anyone who is concerned about ethnic profiling. In a seminar named “Lost in Helsinki”[1], organized by

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