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Warnings and flashing red lights

In English, a snow job means a grand deception. Snow jobs happen year-round in Finland, irrespective of the season. The different excuses, arguments, and counterarguments to justify institutional racism are so common that we do not see them even if they are right under our noses. A good snow-job spotter and when red lights should

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Helsinki Times: A rebuttal to Ville Tavio

An op-ed piece published by the Helsinki Times on April 11 by Finns Party (PS) MP Ville Taavio is a good example of why migrants, minorities and sensible Finns should react and be concerned about the type of country some politicians want to steer Finland towards becoming.

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[Finland 100 series: What is “Finnish-ness”?] Interview with Enrique: journalist, sociologist, and editor at Migrant Tales

The Hieno! is the official partner of the Finland 100 independence programme:What is “Finnish-ness”?  led by the Prime Minister’s Office. Today we have the huge privilege of having Enrique Tessieri as our second interviewee. You can read the original interview here. Enrique Tessieri is a journalist and sociologist who writes and researches immigration topics like Finnish

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