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Yve Sheperd: 2022 – the year as an alien!

Mid-week on British tv, the lead news story was of the racism, caught in Buckingham Palace. The victim is a black British woman who helps female assault victims. The offender is an elderly white woman who has been many years in an honor position. It was a huge embarrassment for the Royal Family, and the

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Facebook Ahmed IJ: Words of exclusion

Migrant Tales insight: If finding a job isn’t easy for a foreigner in Finland, it is especially hard for an asylum seeker. Doors close and some are left ajar. Even so, you are not supposed to pass inside if you are an asylum seeker. 

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Camtu Suhonen: Finding work and career advancement in Finland is a tall order

Located in the northern part of the European continent is a country that borders Russia, Norway, and Sweden. It is called Finland with the capital city of Helsinki. For many years, it has been included in the list of happiest nations in the world based on various criteria like trust, support, perceived freedom, per capita gross domestic product, health index, and life expectancy, to name a few.

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