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Migrants’ Rights Network: So we are better off because of migration, but why aren’t the politicians getting that message across?

Don Flynn*       The blizzard of commentary that accompanies the annual budget statement also included a memo from the OBR saying “Mr Chancellor, immigration is good for us.” So will he, and other politicians, act on this message? The news that projections for economic growth for the period ahead are being upgraded because

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Migrants’ Rights Network: David Cameron’s EU migration speech – what impact on migrants’ rights?

Ruth Grove-White* Today’s (28.11) speech from the Prime Minister has made a pitch for a new tough approach on EU migrant access to welfare, but it has taken us further away from the evidence-based debate on immigration that we need. Read full story here.   David Cameron’s speech on EU migration, delivered earlier Friday, was

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Note to Party leaders: Misleading voters about what can and can’t be done on immigration will still get you nowhere

Don Flynn* Emergency brakes and benefit caps were put on offer by party leaders this week. Both are intended to get across the message that immigration can be got back under control. But aren’t there bigger truths that we should be trying to get across, like how the movement of people is all a part

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