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Tunisia and Egypt are a blow to Islamophobia

The joy and the historic day celebrated this evening in Egypt after the resignation of Hosni Mubarak can be felt everywhere. The emancipation of the Egyptians, after thirty years of rule by an autocratic and corrupt regime supported by the West, is contagious and will certainly spread to other parts of the region. People power in the Arab world will also be a long-term blow to the pet topic of far-right parties: Islamophobia.

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Protests in Egypt grow as Mubarak feels the heat to leave

As I write these words the situation in Egypt may meant the downfall of Hossni Mubarak from power after 30 years. As a Latin American watching events in Tunisia in January and now in Egypt, I can only state that I side totally with the people of Egypt who have been ruled by authoritarian and corrupt governments. Which power is behind these unpopular governments? The United States.

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