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Twitter @HerraAhmed: Assaulted at a restaurant

We are sorry to hear about what happened to you. Abdirisak Ahmed (@HerraAhmed) Tweets: This is what it looks when you are assaulted at a restaurant because of the color of your skin. Thank you #apolloliveclub bouncers for your quick response. I never thought I’d be in this situation being over 30 years old. This

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Facebook Carmen Pekkarinen: Burning questions about Turku

Migrant Tales insight: Carmen Pekkarinen raises some important questions. One of these is what is defined as terrorism. What are the media, the police, and politicians telling us when they constantly publish the suspect’s name and his nationality? Are they telling us that all Muslims are terrorists? White Finns have killed indiscriminately in Finland but they

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لا استئناف لقرار الرفض لانك ستحصل على قرار سلبي في كل الاحوال

هذا ما قاله مسؤول في الشرطة لعائله ارادت الاستئناف . ما يمكن ان يكون تأثير تعليق كهذا من قبل احد رجال الشرطه على عائله من طالبي اللجوء بهدف عرقله اجراءات الاستئناف ؟ حكايات المهاجرين علمت ان عائله عراقيه مولفه من زوج وزوجه وطفل بالاضافه لوالده الزوج  قد توجهت لاستلام الرفض الاول فقال لهم الشرطي :

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