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Plan Finland campaign: Using a pregnant African girl for all the wrong reasons

Dr. Faith Mkwesha, who is the founder and executive director of Sahwira Africa International non-government organization, expressed shock when she first saw the Plan International maternity wear in a campaign using a 12-year-old Zambian girl called Fridah. Sahwira Africa International has an African resource center that organizes cultural activities and consultancy on African culture and development issues.  

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Africa is a country: The geo-branding war

Geo-branding is a serious thing. It is particularly serious when people from other geographic areas decide to brand yourgeographical area and the people in it, the way they see fit and the way that fits their purposes. No other country, region or continent, I’d argue, suffers from other peoples’ nonsense as much as the continent of Africa. Actually, the reason why people generally and casually talk about Africa as one place is because of what Nigerian-American author C. P. Eze refers to as “their geo-branding war”.

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