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YLE: Finnish schools do too little to address racial harassment

A news story on YLE by students claims that little to no action is taken at schools to address racial harassment. At the beginning the teacher may take an interest in racist bullying but then interest wanes, according to the story.  Migrant Tales has published some personal accounts about racial harassment at Finnish schools. One common characteristic that groups

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By Dana Who takes responsibility for the racist crimes in Finland? Is that an easy question? The answer? Is that a difficult question? needs an answer, however, because it is a question. I have right to ask whom? Whom? The President of Finland? What responsibilities does a president have in Finland? Parliament? Ministries? What do

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The lack of cultural diversity is impoverishing Finland

Jussi Jalonen, a Tampere University history researcher, asked recently why a populist party like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) continues to grow in popularity despite the numerous scandals that have riddled the group. There is an answer: Finland’s lack of cultural diversity. How is it possible that a party like the PS can win 39 seats in

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