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A song by Enrique Santos Discépolo that refuses to die: Cambalache siglo 20

The 1930s are known by Argentinean historians as “the decade of infamy” due to the widespread endemic corruption and fraudulent elections. Enrique Santos Discépolo (1901-51) composed a song in 1934 to mirror those terrible times called Cambalache siglo 20, 20th Century Bazar. While this song was written 84 years ago, it sits very well with what is happening in the United States under Donald Trump and the rise of nationalist populists in Europe. 

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Go for the values and weaknesses of a group if you aim to destroy their self-esteem

How would you go about destroying the self-esteem of a group? If you were an anti-immigration politician, certainly you’d target the group’s values (religion) and exploit your racist arguments by pointing the finger at their most vulnerable weaknesses, like high unemployment.  Prejudice and racism are diehard social ills because they take generations to wear off.

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