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Twitter FRA director Michael O’Flaherty: Coronavirus is also a human rights question

Now, as far-right parties aim to capitalize on the coronavirus with the help of fake news, we must stay vigilant to challenge their sinister and selfish aims.  We saw this happen in Finland on Yle’s A-talk when Perussuomalaiset* MP Riikka Purra claimed that a hospital was washing and using disposable equipment. “I have received information from a hospital

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QUOTE OF THE DAY Yuval Noah Harari: The lack of trust is #coronavirus’ greatest threat

Historian and professor Yuval Noah Harari* talks to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about the threat of the global coronavirus pandemic. Harari stresses unity. Closing borders and isolating oneself is not the full answer. An outbreak of coronavirus in one country is a threat to everyone. Amanpour: “What as an ordinary citizen worries you the most?” “I

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The opportunity offered by #coronavirus is one of a lifetime – let’s not squander it

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. Albert Einstein THIS STORY WAS UPDATED Thanks to the #coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is relentless and spelling trouble for our societies and individuals, is also offering a unique opportunity and helping to expose our hypocrisy and double standards. The best examples of the latter is the United States, where the corruption

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