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Timo Soini on racism: See no evil, hear no evil

It is surprising how a politician like Timo Soini of the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party can argue anything he wants on television about immigrants and visible minorities. His objection to positive discrimination on a debate on MTV3 Wednesday is a case in point.  Migrant Tales has  written in the past about colorblind racism, which is one of the most common

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The absurdity of the reverse-racism argument in Finland

Every now and then you’ll hear a visitor on Migrant Tales claim: What about [reverse] racism against [white] Finns!? Racism is a complex problem but one matter singles it out: It is an effective tool to socially exclude, control and exploit other groups in society from vital resources such as jobs and economic wealth.  The

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Abagond: Colorblind racism

Comment: Every time we stray from the real issue behind racism (=ethnic background) we are flirting or committing  colorblind racism.  A familiar colorblind racist counter-argument commonly heard from anti-immigration groups is why whites are treated unfairly? Why was Jussi Halla-aho fined for defaming a religion and inciting ethnic hatred but nothing happens to you if you insult

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