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Timo Soini Finland’s “Dracula” and Charlie Hebdo’s take on “true” and “false” Finns

It’s been a rough week for Euro-skeptic Perussuomalaiset (PS)* Foreign Minister Timo Soini. The firs jab came on Saturday when Sir Graham Watson, the former chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (Alde) in the European Parliament, who said that Soini’s appointment as foreign minister was like having Dracula guarding a blood bank.

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Are the sour fruits of the Charlie Hebdo attack the usual ones of hypocrisy and denial?

What fruits will the Charlie Hebido attack yield? Will we engage in debate or find comfort in denial? Will we succumb to easy answers and hypocrisy or to openness?  Since some claim that free speech was attacked last week, a tweet by Daniel Wickham raised some poignant questions about Sunday’s march against terrorism. The London School for Economics

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ENAR: Charlie Hebdo killings in France: Time for mourning, not for scapegoating

As a member of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), we repost the following statement below in light of the terrible news that we heard from Paris. If you want to read good insight on the tragedy, check out Juan Cole’s Why al-Qaeda attacked satirists in Paris (thank you Gaven Titley for the heads-up). ___________________ Brussels,

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