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New World Finn: Bye for now

To part is to die a little to die to what we love .* Edmond Haracourt (1856-1941)   The first time I heard the phrase by the French, “to part is to die a little,” was in Finland a long time ago during one of those unforgettable summers, when I used to visit my grandparents in Eastern

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The ‘positive’ side of racism and sexism on social media

What do social media sites say about how we socialize and interact with others? What does it say about racism and sexism, which have mushroomed  on social media sites? Associate professor of digital journalism and social media at the University of British Columbia, Alfred Hermida, said that the problem of social media is the ‘undetermined’ nature and immediacy

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Sandhu Bhamra: “Who do you think you are?”

Sandhu Bhamra* That was the title under which three young Canadian authors discussed issues of identity, location and language at the recently concluded Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver. The three, Anosh Irani, David Chariandy and Gurjinder Basran – from different backgrounds discussed how heritage, culture, memories and language shaped their work. At the end of

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