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Institute of Race Relations: ‘May we bring harmony’? Thatcher’s legacy on ‘race’

Comment: Finland lags behind most European countries when it comes to immigration, ethnic relations and  populism. One cannot avoid some of the parallels with Margaret Thatcher’s Britain of the 1980s and Finland today. One reason why her New Right policies still exist after a quarter a century since she was forced from office, is because

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Migrant integration: Can we learn from European experiences?

A new UK government policy on migrant integration is expected to be announced any day now. To date migrant community organisations have had no input into the way this has been developed by the government departments. But may be a new toolkit on migrant integration, just published by the European Network Against Racism, will give us some pointers on how groups working at the local level can regain some control over migrant integration projects.

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Myths help cover up an injustice or crime

Just like the light from distant suns allow us to peek deep into time many billions years before present, history has the same function. Our problems today are the result of convulsions and events that took place a long time ago in history.

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