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Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD): Enriching the Public Discourse by highlighting Colonial Continuities

The Initiative of Black People in Germany (ISD)* has been actively working on the empowerment of people of African descent and Black people in Germany for almost 30 years. Its aim is to raise their voices and also to generate visibility for their perspectives and realities in the German society. The ISD is dedicated to challenging the discourse that does not want to see nor acknowledge Black presence in Germany. For more than three hundred years, people of African descent have been born and raised in Germany, have made Germany their place of home, but narratives about the Black experience in Germany often remain silenced in the public discourse. While their stories do not exist in the dominant historiography, stereotypical clichés dominate the images of the Black Diaspora. Racist pictures and beliefs need to be understood as a historically developed relationship of power – blurring past and present depictions of Black people’s realities.

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BALOBESHAYI: Are Africans Really Black?

Beatrice Kabutakapua Ferguson. One of the most known city in the US right now, not for the happiest  reasons though. It’s the place where Michael Brown, an African America man, was shot by the police. Usually the ethnic background is useless for me,but in this case is the engine that started the turmoil happening in this

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Du Bois and Finland: “Your country”

I read an interesting blog entry on Racism Review about what W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963), sociologist, historian and civil rights activist, wrote* about blacks in the United States. His words still ring out today in light of the hostility we see today towards immigrants and visible minorities in many parts of Europe and the United

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