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19-year-old detained asylum seeker in Tampere “is in good spirits” despite situation

The representative of the nineteen-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq thanks all the people who wrote words of encouragement to him during the past days. “He is in good spirits thanks to the emails but angry at the same time,” the representative told Migrant Tales by phone. “He doesn’t understand why he’s being locked up [since Friday, December 29] since he’s no criminal.”

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UPDATE: Iraqi asylum seeker hunger strike day 4

Namir al-Azzawin informed Migrant Tales by Facebook that he is out of hospital and will resume his hunger strike near Parliament. Zimema Mhone will upload a video shortly with an interview with al-Azzawin.  Al-Azzawin said he needed a tent. Does anyone have a tent to give or could lend? Namir al-Azzawin.

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