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“Asylum seeker in detention cell 406” was detained again by the police and faces deportation to Iraq

“Asylum seeker in detention cell 406,” who was detained in Lappeenranta for 32 days last year was detained by the police Tuesday morning at around 10 am at the Suonsaari asylum reception center, located about 10km from the city of Mikkeli. Migrant Tales understands that the administrative court rejected his appeal for asylum. 

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19-year-old detained asylum seeker in Tampere “is in good spirits” despite situation

The representative of the nineteen-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq thanks all the people who wrote words of encouragement to him during the past days. “He is in good spirits thanks to the emails but angry at the same time,” the representative told Migrant Tales by phone. “He doesn’t understand why he’s being locked up [since Friday, December 29] since he’s no criminal.”

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Two videos and a picture of the protest by asylum seekers at the Kolari reception center in Finland

Some 120 asylum seekers at the Kolari asylum reception center in Lapland took part in a protest today to demand better treatment. “Today it went well,” an asylum seeker told Migrant Tales. “Everyone was outside protesting, even children, except for four people.” One resident described the camp was like being “in a living hell.” Kolari

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