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Why did Finland allocate so much money on asylum reception centers that treated in too many cases refugees like “livestock?”

In 2015 and 2016 some 38,000 asylum seekers came to Finland and scores of asylum reception centers were established rapidly throughout the country to house so many people. Even if the government’s ever-draconian view of migrants was “not make Finland attractive to asylum seekers” at any cost, asylum seekers helped expose our ineffective immigration and integration policy.

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The refugee business in Finland is booming

What do you think about private companies making profits off asylum seekers? What do you think about this company, whose turnover rose to 12 million euros and paid bonuses to its major shareholders, which has been accused of treating asylum seekers under its care “like livestock?”  Do you understand the Finnish state, which is supposed

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Does Finland treat asylum seekers with human dignity or as livestock?

Ever wonder why the media, the government never mind private companies running asylum reception centers in Finland are so quiet about the people they are giving shelter, food, and temporary protection? The mere fact that we know so little already raises a lot of questions like the Suomen Kuvalehti story about the death of an asylum seeker in early January.

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