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Coronavirus cases at the Espoo asylum reception center surge from 2 to 22

After two coronavirus cases to mid-April, Helsingin Sanomat reported Monday of 22 infections at the Luona-managed Nihtisilta reception center in Espoo. Haidari Ehsan is an asylum seeker at the Nihtisilta reception center, which houses 410 refugees. “I’m not happy with the way Luona has informed us about the outbreak at the reception center,” he said.

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Why did Finland allocate so much money on asylum reception centers that treated in too many cases refugees like “livestock?”

In 2015 and 2016 some 38,000 asylum seekers came to Finland and scores of asylum reception centers were established rapidly throughout the country to house so many people. Even if the government’s ever-draconian view of migrants was “not make Finland attractive to asylum seekers” at any cost, asylum seekers helped expose our ineffective immigration and integration policy.

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