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Iraqi asylum seekers vow to continue demonstration in front of the Finnish Immigration Service building

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED After a setback on Sunday, Iraqi demonstrators in front of the Finnish Immigration Service building have vowed to continue their protest, according to Walid Sahib, one of the organizers of the demonstration. A total of four demonstrators were detained by the police on Sunday and released from custody three hours later.

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A picture that refuses to die and reveals Finland’s inhumane asylum policy where children are locked up in detention centers

The picture of the girl in Joutseno’s immigration removal center was taken by a detained Iraqi family in 2017. If there is a picture that represents the injustice of Finland’s heartless immigration “service” authorities, it is this picture of the girl gazing at her future from a barred window with barb wire. You can check

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Migrant Tales dedicates the following video to Finnish “let them drown” Euro election candidates

Here is a video Migrant Tales would like to dedicate to the “let them drown” Euro election candidates.  Did you know that 36.3% of Finnish MEP candidates who answered (85/234)  Alma Media’s election compass stated that they either “strongly disagree,” “disagree” or are “neutral” (have no opinion) about the following claim: “Is it the obligation

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