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Restaurant owner alleges that two Roma and a white Finn are being held as suspects by the police for the arson attack in Espoo

A pizzeria owned by a Bangladeshi in Espoo was attacked today by three suspects who threw petrol bombs, which caused extensive damage to the pizzeria as well as to the building, has left the owners devastated. The owner and his wife are Muslims and were coming back from an Eid celebration to the restaurant.

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What ever happened to the PS politician who said god had answered his prayers after an asylum reception center was a target of arson?

Remember Perussuomalaiset (PS)* substitute MP Juha Maenpää who said god had answered his prayers after a reception center that was going to house asylum seekers was razed to the ground on December 1? It appears that all he got for writing such a comment was a lot of publicity and soft slap on the hand.

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