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Australian rugby captain Michael Hooper and his “Argie” remark

After watching a nailbiter between Argentina and Australia in the Tri-Nations Rugby Championships, the 15-15 draw turned into a sour taste in my mouth when Australian rugby captain Michael Hooper said after the game that “the Argies are a tough cookie to crack.” Was this racist term intentional or unintentional? Is Hooper a sore loser

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Liliana Belatti’s humanity in times of war

“[Leon] Trotsky once said that if the anarchists did not exist they’d have to be invented because they have done a lot of good things for humanity with their incorruptible opposition. They demonstrated having a principal that they never abandoned.”. Osvaldo Bayer (1927-2018) As the late Argentinean historian points out, social movements like anarchism in

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Do you know who was Dante Tessieri?

Dante Tessieri, who was from Cecina, left Italy for political reasons in the late 1890s to Brazil and moved to Argentina about 1900 after the death of his first son with Aida Guaimonti. He had three children in his new homeland: Sara, Iris, and Carlos after Nemo, my grandfather, was born in Brazil in 1899.

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