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¡Qué vergüenza tu xenobobía y tu racismo, jefe de gobierno Horacio Rodríguez Larreta!

Se sabe ya desde hace mucho tiempo que los senegaleses que viven en la Argentina son discriminados y hasta brutalmente tratados por las fuerzas del “orden” público. Así pasó otra vez en los barrios porteños de Flores y Once donde, según Megafón, hubo más de mil senegaleses fueron detenidos. Todo esto huele a algo mal

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Do you know who was Dante Tessieri?

Dante Tessieri, who was from Cecina, left Italy for political reasons in the late 1890s to Brazil and moved to Argentina about 1900 after the death of his first son with Aida Guaimonti. He had three children in his new homeland: Sara, Iris, and Carlos after Nemo, my grandfather, was born in Brazil in 1899.

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Argentina’s issues with whitewashing and genocide. Like the crimes committed during the dirty war, they too should be addressed.

When I was young, I remember very well the racism of the Argentines. A friend of mine from Rosario highlighted this racism in the following example: An porteño (a resident of the capital Buenos Aires) told his friends that he was going to travel to South America as if Buenos Aires was surrealistically still a part of Europe. 

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