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Finland’s problematic ties with Nazi Germany and Finns who served in the SS

One of the matters that surprised me when I was writing for a number of publications from Finland like the Financial Times, was how its geopolitical isolation helped it to cover up some unpleasant facts about itself. Its isolation gave it a free hand to write history to avoid it answering unpleasant things like its alliance with Nazi Germany in World War 2. 

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Migrant Tales to launch new column to warn readers of toxic and racist content on the Internet and print media

As the parliamentary elections near in April and the EU elections in May, the Finnish print media and social media littered by politicians who are spreading Islamophobic, anti-semitic, racist, Afrophobic, anti-Roma and xenophobic content.  Each story we pick from the net will get a classification and a short explanation why. The first one to make it on the

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Kärkkäinen: A company that believes racism, anti-Semitism and homophobic views sit well with the Finnish consumer and public

We have to thank our vigilant contributor Ana María Gutiérrez-Sorainen for exposing another underhanded trick by Juha Kärkkäinen to slip through the back door his anti-cultural diversity, anti-Semitic and homophobic views in KauppaSuomi, a advertising newspaper to promote and showcase his company’s products.

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