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A member of the Solidiers of Odin carried out attack on #cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu on April 7

On April 7 at 4:40am the #cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu was attacked when three unlit petrol bombs were thrown at the tent. One of the suspects, a member of the vigilante group Soldiers of Odin, was detained by the police, according to YLE. The police found two sticks of dynamite when the suspect’s home was searched by the police.

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Deportation of Iraqi family of nine from Finland: Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s asylum policy is a shame to all of us

As the Finnish government spends the Easter holidays in the comfort of their homes and family company, an Iraqi family of nine is awaiting deportation from Finland. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to put oneself in their shoes and wonder what is going through their heads at this moment at the Joutseno immigration removal center. 

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How Sampo Terho’s essay in 2007 is still the norm but in a different context to fuel fear and racism of migrants and minorities

Perussuomalaiset (PS)* parliamentary group leader Sampo Terho wrote a decade ago in Kanava an essay with the classic far-right populist rhetoric about the threat of migration. His point of view in the essay is not only sinister but was a central argument used by parties like the PS to attract voters and that their racism was “normal.”

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