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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Bringing people from “shithole countries”

Is U.S. President Donald Trump a racist? Some are still having a difficult time figuring this out because racism is fueled by toxic doses of denial. Trump’s recent outburst, bringing people from “shithole countries,” not only exposes the president’s racist worldview but the history and legacy of racism in the United States.   

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Racism Review: Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie: A Critical View

To be frank, the magazine Charlie Hebdo deserves criticism, not praise—despite the horrific events that have unfolded. While I am certainly not condoning the murder of its staff members, I do find them guilty of Islam-bashing and inconsiderately expressing religious intolerance, cultural ethnocentrism, and extremely poor human judgment, issues that should be important to antiracists

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Scot Nakagawa: The Other Side of Anti-Black Racism

Give me a place to stand on and I will move the earth Archimedes By Scot Nakagawa I’ve argued in the past that the fulcrum of white supremacy is anti-black racism. A fulcrum, you probably already know, is what one rests a lever on to give it, well, leverage. Without it, a lever is just

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