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Camtu Suhonen: How discrimination destroys academic careers

Discrimination is a disease that plagues many organizations and often causes more damage to the organization such as profit loss, economical issues, and natural disasters. This is because discrimination destroys the people who make up the organization and causes damages irreparable by money or promotion. Career paths and patterns are things most affected by such a plague because they damage people mentally, emotionally, and socially. If a person is mentally and emotionally damaged by discrimination, this person becomes paralyzed and unable to function properly within the organization. Also, socially, victims experience role malfunction and resort to isolation for comfort rather than ask for help from colleagues.

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Dr Gareth Rice leaves Finland today

Dr Gareth Rice, a brave man who highlighted unfair hiring practices in academia, left Finland Saturday and moved to Glasgow. He will be missed by many. While the path that Dr Rice took is known to many non-Finnish academics, he did something more: Put himself on the line by exposing what he saw as unfair

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Gareth Rice: Finland Warm welcome, then cold shoulder

Gareth Rice I did my PhD in urban geography at the University of Strathclyde and had been lecturing there for more than three years before I accepted my postdoctoral position at the University of Helsinki in December 2007. I had never been to Finland before, but the country, its people and their culture had long

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