Swedish immigrant killer is sentenced to life in prison

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Peter Mangs, the Swedish gunman convicted of two murders and five attempted murders, was sentenced Friday by the Mälmö District Court to life in prison, reports ABC News, citing AP.  

The court found Mangs guilty in July  but his sentence was delayed pending a psychiatric evaluation that found him to be sane.

The forty-year-old man, who is a Swede of Finnish descent, killed his first victim in 2003 and terrorized Malmö during 2009-10. All of his victims were immigrants.

While we can debate how much anti-immigration and anti-Islam sentiment can encourage a man to murder others as we saw in Norway with Anders Breivik, racism and hate know no master. It can bite back at its keeper, and hard.

The Malmo Discrict Court ordered Mangs to pay 1.2 million kroner (140,000 euros) in compensation to to suverirs and their families.

AP reports that about 40% of Mälmö’s 300,000 inhabitants are first- and second-generation immigrants.

  1. D4R

    What is wrong with some Finns? even when they themselves are immigrants in other country, they seem to have that deep hateret for other ethnicities. Some Finns are becoming notoriously known for hating other ethnicities and that’s not good.