Sweden’s election and UK PM Liz Truss’ demise are a warning to Finland’s National Coalition Party

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Populism is a good way to win elections but an impossible way to govern.

Eugene Robinson

How far will right-wing parties like the Moderate Party of Sweden go to make a pact with their political devils? How much populism and empty nationalism led to the demise of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss? These are valid questions for Finland’s National Coalition Party (Kokoomus), which is making similar pacts with populism.

Kokoomus, like the Moderate Party of Sweden, and the rapid downfall of UK Prime Minister Truss must have raised some concerns. An election strategy is needed for April, but peppered with toxic populism and anti-immigration soundbites?

Finland faces a lot of challenges. For one, it needs labor migrants but this is difficult to realize on a grand scale because the Perussuomalaiset, Kokoomus, and other parties that attack and see migrants as a threat.

Politicians make fiery speeches against migrants – note they speak of all migrants – and then expect people to move here. Even for some who live here, the environment looks and feels hostile.

If we continue down the road of populism and exclusive nationalism, it’s clear that our future spells ruin.


See the UK before and after Brexit.

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