Suva: A poster that says everyhing about xenophobia

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Editor’s note: On behalf of Migrant Tales, I would like to welcome Suva to our blog community. His creativeness won’t abandon you. After seeing his work, you may feel like being part of a large community made up of Others. His artwork is powerful. It has such an impact on some that they crave to see more of his work. 

Enrique Tessieri, editor


Suva writes the following about who he is:

“He is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist. His academic experience encircles in the discipline of visual art and performance art. He completed his MA degree in Visual Arts from Delhi College of Arts affiliated to Delhi University, India, specializing in Sculpture (2004). He received his MA degree in Live Arts and Performance Studies from Uniarts, Theater Academy (2015). Recently he was one of the Performance Artists in the 7th International Performance Festival, LAPSody, TeaK (21-22 February 2019) under the theme – Signatures. In this festival his performance piece had the title – The Other is not The One. He worked with an individual concept with the title – Log drum communication Project in 4 cities of Finland (2018) with Taike artist working grant. He works with the concept called “Public Anatomy” which means making and doing something with the public He did several community projects, workshops and performances in India and Finland. His independent works are based on his thesis with the title – The Other in the space of An-Other, dealing with issues of xenophobia, racism and problematics of community building.”


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