Suomen Sisu and its red herrings: Radical Islamists are now gaining a foothold in Finland

by , under Enrique

Suomen Sisu, a far right anti-immigration association, said in a statement today that it was concerned about “radical Islamists” gaining a foothold in  Finland after Anjem Courdary’s visit to Helsinki on Thursday.  

Is the extremist association were honest, it would take a good look at itself in the mirror and warn us as well about neo-Nazi groups like Golden Dawn of Greece, Hungary’s Jobbik and other far right anti-immigration groups threatening Europe these days. In that group it should include itself.

While Suomen Sisu speaks in the future tense of an oncoming threat to Europe by Muslims, these don’t hold water. According to the EU Terrorism and Situation Report 2012, most terrorist attacks in 2011 were carried out by ethno nationalist and separatist terrorist groups. Who could forget Anders Breivik?

The Suomen Sisu statement reveals beyond any doubt that the association is the same group it used to be. It still holds the same views on cultural diversity like the Ku Klux Klan and U. S. American Nazi Party.

The most recent scandal suffered by the Perussuomalaiset (PS) is by Vaasa councilman Risto Helin, who gave a clock with Hitler and swastikas to a neo-Nazi club in that city.

Olli Immonen, Suomen Sisu president, is a PS MP.

Suomen Sisu attempts to pull a fast one at the end of the statement with a Timo Soini stunt.

What is a Soini stunt? Stating with a poker face, and sometimes even with crocodile tears, that you’re against racism. It’s something like Heinrich Himmler telling you that he’s not anti-Semitic even if he leads a vast network of mass murderers working overtime at concentration camps.

The statement claims at the end: “The best way to ensure that immigrants don’t radicalize is to get them to adapt to Finland’s society by teaching them [our] language, education and by getting work…The only way to maintain stability in society is by immigrants adapting to our society and not staying outside of it..”

Can we believe such a claim? Is there any logic in it? Has Suomen Sisu turned over a new leaf?

Not really. Just like racism, it’s logic is an irrational and immoral social construct.