Sucking up to the Perussuomalaiset and exposing your hypocrisy

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The latest unconstitutional proposal by National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP Pia Kauma and her party is an example of how right-wing parties in Finland bully vulnerable migrants. What makes the whole proposal a publicity stunt and a further sucking up to the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* by Kokoomus, is MP Kauma. 

While the political reasons are clear for Kauma and Kokoomus to target migrants, a big question remains: Why is the latest proposal important for Kauma and her party? Do these migrants, who represent about 10% of the total migrant population of Finland, pose such a drain on public finances?

A tweet sent in 2014 to then Kokoomus Prime Minister Alexander Stubb.

There is also the question of Kauma’s credibility and her questionable track record.

In 2014 and based on rumors, she pointed the finger at Somali mothers alleging that they claimed social welfare to buy new baby carriages. They could not use used babby carriages because it was against their religion (sic!)

Kauma never backed her statements, but at the end, she never proved those ridiculous and harmful claims to migrant women based on hearsay. She apologized for her racist comments, but she is at it again. This time it isn’t baby carriages but outright discrimination of migrants.

Apart from opportunistic politicking and political bullying, Kokoomus’ plan raises a lot of questions about Finland:

  • Does Kokoomus and Finland, in general, believe, as the Constitution states, in social equality for all?
  • Is this why Finns use the term tasa-arvo (gender equality) when referring to social equality?
  • Does social equality mean, in effect, only gender equality?
  • If Finland were serious about implementing its values like social equality, it would solve many integration issues. Our society would offer incentives for inclusion, not punish a person for being a migrant.
  • Would Finland have such an Islamophobic opposition party like the PS if it took its social justice and equality values seriously?
  • All of these points, in my opinion, reveal the hypocrisy of our society. It also states that we will do little to nothing to correct the situation in the future.