Statement Islamic Society of Northern Finland: Leadership is needed

by , under Islamic Society of Northern Finland

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



الرابطة الإسلامية لشمال فنلندا


         We on behalf of Islamic Society of Northern Finland would like to state the following with reference to the atrocities and masacar happened in New Zealand.

Atrocities such as what happened in New Zealand Friday not only instilled fear in the Muslim community of Finland but is a warning that this will happen again until the media and politicians take a tough stand against all forms of hatred like Islamophobia. We need such leadership in Finland today.

The mosque of Oulu has been attacked nine times since 2017, with the last one taking place on February 26. The suspect was caught on our video camera smashing the window at 5:10 am with a bike rack and throwing a smoke grenade into the premises.

Finland is a country that functions on the rule of law where religious freedom is guaranteed. Another important right that everyone, irrespective of his or her background, is to live in a country where one feels secure.

Despite the nine attacks against our mosque, the police have not turned up one suspect so far unfortunately.

It is saddening that the response of the media and politicians to hate speech and victimization of groups like Muslims in Finland goes generally unheeded. Almost every single day in Finland, Muslims are the subject to media onslaught and suspicious scrutiny. We are placed in a negative public light by people who should know better and who have influence over public opinion.

The situation is serious and we need leadership to tackle this problem, which, if not addressed, will lead to other attacks, even atrocities.

We are confident that Finland has the means to tackle this problem.

Moreover as per Finland Constitution Article No 1 and 10 all have rights to be secured. So the security of Muslim Community is important as per law.

As per law everyone should be allowed to practice their religion peacefully. Disturbing by any means is not allowed as per law.


Dr. Abdul Mannan

President and the Executive Board

Islamic Society of Northern Finland.




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