Statement Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland: Far-right marches on Finnish Independence Day

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December 6, 2018

Message denouncing far-right marches on Finnish Independence Day

Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland* denounces all forms of far-right marches in Finland on Finnish Independence Day.The “612 torch parade”, initiated on Finnish Independence Day 2014, originated as a far-right joint effort.

The march organized by the far-right from the start had (at least) three political goals:

  • To bring the far right into the streets, and break the prevailing consensus in Finnish society that the far-right doesn’t hold demonstrations;
  • To gather the scattered far-right into one demonstration to unite their forces;
  • and to create a new fascist Independence Day’s tradition, for the members of the far-right and their sympathizers who wish to celebrate the day in a political way.

In past marches, we have seen violent counter-protests which have sometimes turned in to a brawl between the protesters and the police. In the last few years, many on the Finnish right have re-branded themselves as ‘ethno nationalists’. This is one of the new buzzwords for extremist groups across Europe which has helped to show the links between the Finnish right-wing groups and their international counterparts.

The British campaign group Hope Not Hate, which is backed by politicians and celebrities, has said “people, ideas, and tactics cross borders with an ease not previously possible” and has highlighted a number of events where North American right wing thought leaders are teaming up with European right-wing groups to endorse and amplify their message.

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Anti-Hate Crime Organisation Finland was founded in September and registered as an NGO in October. The aim of the NGO is to tackle and eradicate hate crime and all forms of discrimination in Finland such as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Afrophobia, misogyny and other forms of social exclusion through education and training, seminars, events, conferences, among others.