Spiegel Online International: Neo-Nazi Killings Expose Broad German Xenophobia

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Comment: If you want to learn about how to treat neo-Nazi and far right parties, Germany would be the place to begin your search. Due to the horrific things that happened in Germany under the Nazi regime, the Germans if anyone know how self-destructive racism and xenophobia can be. 

Taking into account the rise of a populist party like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) that is anti-EU, anti-immigration and above all anti-Muslim, will we see in Finland more far-right parties gaining strength? If this happens, we have nobody else to blame than ourselves.  

We should not lay a red carpet for far-right parties. We lay a red carpet and bow to them whenever we are silent and don’t ask serious questions like journalist Lisa Bjurwald does in her latest book, “Euroopan häpeä – Rasistien voittokulku.”

Like the Spiegel Online International story below, which shows how neo-Nazi groups have been killing immigrants in Germany, an eerie question stares back at us: When will it happen here, especially after the horrific events that took place in Norway on July 22

During these very difficult times when racism and xenophobia are raising their heads in Finland, it is important that we look at countries where these types of social ills have been a problem before. Germany is one of these countries. 

Writes Spiegel Online International: “When racism raises its ugly specter in Germany, the response has always been the same: block it out, look the other way, change the subject. No one says anything when a woman in a supermarket in Greifswald is spit on because she looks Asian.” 

Just like neo-Nazi killings expose broad German xenophobia and racism, we should be just as concerned about the rise of these social ills in Finland. 


A Commentary by Stefan Kuzmany

The discovery of a neo-Nazi terror cell in Germany has many concerned about the country’s reputation. With good reason. Racism and xenophobia have deep roots in German society — and the vocabulary used to describe the right-wing extremist crime spree is telling.

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