Spiegel Online International: A War of Stereotypes – German Tabloid Returns Fire with British Quiz

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Comment: Here is a pretty funny story in Spiegel Online International about how related the Germans and English are related genetically. Certainly there are other more important matters that unite us as a group. One of these is culture, which is everything learned.

Spiegel Online International writes that the British press went bananas with the story. “Hundreds of articles soon appeared in newspapers across the country. And the Daily Mail published a tongue-in-cheek story headlined ‘Time to Embrace Your Inner Jerry!’ essentially claiming that Germans maybe aren’t all that bad. ‘The Germans just seem to come here and fit in without any nonsense — and they don’t rape and pillage anymore.'”

If we are all much more related than we’d think, whose interest has it been to emphasize our differences?


It all started with an innocent science story published in SPIEGEL, and then in English on SPIEGEL ONLINE. A genetic analysis revealed, of all things, that millions of Britons carry a Germanic gene. Britain, it would seem, is more German than many are comfortable with.

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