SPIEGEL Interview with Economics Minister Rösler: “I Used to Dream I Was a Vietnamese Prince”

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Comment: Below is a very interesting interview with Vietnamese-born German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler on Spiegel Online. Rösler was brought up in a German family when he was nine months old. Rösler is for many immigrants and Germans of immigrant descent a role model.

The economic minister also questions indirectly Angela Merkel’s claim in October that multiculturalism has failed.  Spiegel asked him if Germany’s policies towards immigrants have been too indulgent with those who refuse to integrate. “My belief is that our policies have offered too little, in terms of language courses for example,” he said. “Punishment shouldn’t be our first response.”

Another interesting point Rösler made was on Muslims living in Germany. “There are around 4 million Muslims in the country and they to help to shape it, so yes, it’s also correct to say that Islam belongs in Germany.”

He had good advice for those that ridicule immigrants and minorities.  “How is someone supposed to become part of society when he or she is told from the beginning, “You’re not really a part of us?”

In my opinion, the last statement, “You’re not really a part of us,” is what exposes the true nature of the anti-immigration beast of parties like the Perussuomalaiset. 

How are people supposed to integrate and embrace our culture if these groups are constantly building walls around Finland?


German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler, who was adopted into a German family from Vietnam at a young age, insists that he never had problems because of his background. He spoke with SPIEGEL about integration, discrimination and what it means to be German.

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  1. Hannu

    Again another poor soul borged in german society, that poor soul cant do his cultular things because of racists and facists germans :´(

    • Enrique

      –According to my culture so you cant say anything or youre racist and facist.

      Maybe a lot of people are, Hannu, when it comes to immigrants. A good example is James Hirvisaari. Would you call me a flamming liberal? He belongs to the Nazi-spirited Suomen Sisu association. Nazis were and still are fascists and pretty racist at that.

  2. Hannu

    Enrique you old fachist. You just forget in this news that 100% vietnamese cant do his cultural things because of oppression and fachism.
    Do you remember case Odusoga? You should. According to you behaviour is 100% genetic and since he has both parents from vietnam then he has to respect and behave according vietnamese ways, whatever those are.

  3. Ngo Anh Truc

    We are so lucky to born in a new world which racism is not a matter; it’s the character of the person that’ll count most.

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Ngo Anh Truc, welcome to our blog, Migrant Tales.

      –We are so lucky to born in a new world which racism is not a matter; it’s the character of the person that’ll count most.

      Do I suspect a bit of irony in your statement? I agree with the last part of your sentence, which was made by Martin Luther King in his famous “I have a dream” speech of 1963.