Spiegel International Online: Italy Killings Underscore European Extremism Problem

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Comment: One of the biggest threats to Europe these days is not the Euro crisis and the economic downturn but the rise of xenophobic far-right groups. Saverio Ferrari, an expert on right-wing terrorism, described the latest far-right killer Gianluca Casseri “a classic lone wolf.”

The neo-fascist and xenophobic CasaPound attempted to distance itself from Casseri by claiming that the killer was a sympathizer of the but that the killer was “a dog without an owner.”

Surprisingly, some in Italy now praise what Casseri did. “Meanwhile, Casseri has been become a hero of the right-wing extremist scene in the country, praised as a true Italian and a “white hero” worthy of renown and respect on the racist website Casseri ‘cleaned up,’ a task for which he deserves thanks, a statement on the website read,” writes to Spiegel International Online. 

Let’s admit it, the only reason why far-right groups have risen in popularity in Europe these days is because they have  more support as a result of the worsening economic situation. Another factor has been the complacent silence of too many politicians, the mass media and the general public.

Ferrari assured us that Italy will react to the killings. This may be difficult to believe considering that xenophobia against non-European immigrants never mind the Romany minority has been on the rise.

Here is a video clip in Italian about a black man stating that the killing was expected taking into account the years of hatred spread against immigrants by politicians belonging to the former government who insult these people wholesale. 

“The terrible murders could be the impetus to finally think about this and draw some conclusions,” Ferrari said. “Either way, Italy will react.”


The murders of African street vendors by a right-wing extremist writer in Florence have shocked Italy. Questions are now emerging about whether the gunman acted alone. But one thing seems certain, he was close to a right-wing radical group that has a pop culture appeal admired even by Germany’s neo-Nazis.

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