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Our dear friend Sademies recently came out with a business idea about creating a spray made of “Pig blood“, to spray on Muslim’s. Now, see…that ran me the wrong way. I’m Indian, and have multicultural friends from across the world. Chinese, Australian, Swiss, Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, Finnish, Norwegian, Canadian, American and more. A few of these friends have religions! Some are Catholic, some Protestants, some Buddhists, some Mormons and……some “Muslims”.

What bites me is that with the likes of Sademies, they don’t really know how to differentiate between a good and a bad person. In their eyes, if a Finn is an alcoholic (which is the global stereotype for a Finn anyways), then every Finn is an alcoholic. There is no hard working Finns, multi cultural Finns, Successful Finns, nah..just all alcoholic. In the same way, if a refugee has commited rape, then in Sademies’s opinion, all refugees are rapists. Africans should be sterelized, because ALL African men breed multitudes of children. Theres no hard working African man who wakes up at 5 everyday and goes to work, pays his taxes, comes home to his wife and children and lives a normal life. No..

So, Sademies enlightened me to use his business idea to create a Anti Racism spray! You see, this spray is made of harmony, respect, multiculturalism, universal love, pride and a depth of understanding of humanity and the world around us.

Special! Buy your new Anti-Racism spray, “Olli”. In stores now! Buy one get one free!

This spray allows the user to protect themselves against generalization, stereotyping and simply against racism.


You see, many of those who lobby for people like Sademies, they always seem to forget that there is those refugees who genuinely are here to find tools to start all over again and give something back to society. They also forget about the “Muslims”, who are simply decent human beings with no affiliation with terror groups, and would want to have NOTHING to do with them. They also forget about the immigrants who are now full fledged members of society, having attained citizenship, having paid taxes and contributed to the economy as a whole. They forget about the migrants, artists, musicians, painters, sculptures and more, who have come to find a source of inspiration.
They forget about love. A man who met a woman or vice versa, and moved to her native country, out of love, to start a new life.

They forget about children who are adopted into Finland, by parents wanting to raise a child, but unable to do so.


To them, everyone is a Muslim, everyone deserves a pig spray, everyone needs to be circumcised, and everyone is a rapist.

So..buy your bug spray while the offer lasts!

  1. MattiR2106

    Tovarishch Marshall Niles: Do you pay any attention to the goings-on in ISIS controlled areas of Syria and Iraq??….. Do you see the atrocities they commit in the name of Allah and Islam…. Finnish Muslims going there to join up with a lot of multi-cultural Muslims from Germany, France, Netherlands etc etc…. How’s that for a multicultural get-together (I hear you really support those??)….. You have a convenient case of amnesia when it is about Muslim atrocities….. I have a feeling that Sademies presented this solution rather as a tongue-in-cheek weapon to get in the face of the 5th column Muslims in Finland…. How would you feel if one of them decided to take a hate-on against a beloved (I suspect there’s someone amongst the indigenous Finnish population that you might like…. don’t know for sure) member of your family….. Oh never mind…. it’s all in the name of a religion known for its peaceful traditions and actions…. woe is me …

    • Marshall Niles

      Matti..oh Matti…….MATTI!! You got me smirking a lil, but listen up. Since our last shebang, I have come to treat you as a “kind of” friend. I dont know what you look like, what your real name is. I know you live in Richmond, but thats it. You know what I look like, You know my real name is Marshall Niles Laskar, you know where I live, and what I do for a living. Its all on google. I have nothing to hide. Now..with all these cards on the table, lend me your ear, and listen up.
      I wont repeat this again, at least to you. We’ve got a few ignorant gits here, and those deserve explanations for their misanthropes, but thats a story for another day.

      so, Matti, my main man, Ive got a lot of family here. °being Indian, we tend to hold our family close to our heart and forge tight relationships with them, along with respect and dignity. Ive got my wife, her mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, uncles, aunts, godfathers…the list goes on. You see, when I married the woman I loved, her family became mine. So, with that being said, I love, respect and appreciate a LOT OF people in Finland, including any stranger I see on the street. Those people I don’t respect, appreciate or give the time of the day to, are those who instead of stating opinions and contributing to resolutions, actually simply talk their mouth off dissing and shooting down anything that doesn’t look like them.

      Matti, Sademies was WRONG, to talk about pigs blood, man. You live in Canada. Do you think this kind of statement from a politician would go unpunished? The America’s…ahh..Do you see how Donald Trump is faring right now? Why do you think there is a backlash, Matti? because what he said was WRONG. We live in a society. Sademies is hiding behind his supporters, computer and big tax payer paid mansion in Helsinki, writing statements that absolutely do NOT promote a solution, but tend to incite more hatred against a group of people.

      Now, Matti… did you read my article? if so, good for you. You noticed I talked about the normal Muslims right? The good ones? The normal ones? Right? Now tell me Matti, did I not mention that Sademies always generalizes and sterotypes? He never pays respect to the good? Have you ever heard him say something good about any foreigner? Immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Hindus? anything? NO. Why Matti? Answer this for me please.
      Now..I know about the ISIS. Matti, I come from a country where Muslim terrorists terrorized a whole state, and killed innocent civilians, women and children. read about the Kargil war. I was there. I saw. I wept. The scars still remain.
      But, I learnt to never EVER stereotype a group of people based on the actions of a few. Matti, that is really not the way to live.

      You live in Canada man….have you not seen any good muslims around you? The man who works behind the counter? The taxi driver? The police officer? The solider? No good muslims? Are you going to mace the next muslim man who comes to you and argues with you that not all muslims are bad? “and any Muslim who gets in my face….. will get some in his face….. ’nuff said… “

      Matti, mace, fucking shoot for all I care, any terrorist who threatens your integrity, safety and loved ones. I would not hesitate to pound their skulls into the earth myself. Terrorism is a plague that has encroached our world, and I side with you. We need to be united to fight against this threat. But Matti, you cant fight against it by treating every Muslim as a Terrorist, man. It really doesn’t work like that. And that is exactly what Sademies is doing. That’s what Teuvo is doing. Thats wrong man. You see Matti..there are Muslims who are fighting against these terrorists. They are dying left right and center, and that is also one of the reasons why ISIS is not outside your door right now. Let’s pay some respect to them, shall we? Fathers, brothers, sons,sisters, mothers, daughters.. these people are holding out against ISIS. They deserve a hug and at-least a fucking warm meal.
      Now..if tomorrow you see a Muslim, and your first though it instant hatred towards them, you don’t belong in Canada. Come back to Finland, and join the PS. You will feel at home. However, if you have respect for a human being, regardless of caste, creed, race and religion, and focus your anger and hatred towards those specific people who are ACTUALLY committing terrorist acts, and also take the time to actually understand Islam as a religion, then I will buy you another beer, pat you on the back and stumble away after a few of my own, because I will have taught another person to not generalize, stereotype and be racist.

      Ps: All comments are put on moderate status immediately on posting because otherwise, you get this.

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  2. MattiR2106

    How come I rate ‘moderation’….. I thought you and this site were in favour of free speech…. maybe not???….. Talk to me….

  3. MattiR2106

    As an anti-dote to all Muslims who make any offensive move against anyone should be greeted with Bear Spray….. It would be a major seller …. If available, I’m buying one…. and any Muslim who gets in my face….. will get some in his face….. ’nuff said… We have a right to defend ourselves…. You won’t tie my hands or shut me up no how.

  4. Medusa

    Okay big question everyone……

    What do Enrique and Marshall Niles shave in common with an ass (I mean donkey?)

    They both have the same a r s e.

    Forget about p i g s…………..

    • Marshall Niles

      Wow! pretty constructive reply you’ve got there!

  5. Medusa

    I am gonna spray both Enrique and Marshall donkey Niles with a bug repellent, a bear spray and a p i g spray. Whatever gets that Marshall Niles to stop using Indianized-English around here. Some sort of a Southern Indian convert he sounds like. Nuff said. He knows what I
    am saying.

    • Marshall Niles

      Lol!!! You crack me up! I’m from New Delhi, and English is my mother tongue: I’m sure you weren’t aware that Indians also speak english:). Also, Ive got a Bachelors in Ancient English Literature: That’s why your little brain cannot understand half the words I’m saying, and that causes you to get flustered and frustrated…sigh….You entertain me, lil man.

  6. Medusa

    Marshall donkey Niles,
    You said: ‘Muslims deserve a hug and at-least a fucking warm meal…’
    Yeah they do but in your curry house.

    Then you told Matti: ‘Now..if tomorrow you see a Muslim, and your first though it instant hatred towards them, you don’t belong in Canada…’
    I am telling you that you don’t belong in Finland. Now run to Facebook and complain about me.

    Donkey=Marshall Niles. Nuff said.

    • Marshall Niles

      Are you dense? what is this, “run to Facebook and complain about me” diatribe? No body cares about Facebook here. In case you didn’t notice, you’re on Migrant Tales. A wordpress site. What the feck does Facebook have to do with what you comment here.. seriously..pull the hay out of your ears.

  7. Yossie

    “To them, everyone is a Muslim, everyone deserves a pig spray”

    This made me wonder, do you Marshall understand enough finnish that you actually read and understand what Sademies said? Because I had to check this and, in fact, with so many entries about Sademies’ comment, what he said was actually never fully translated.

    I´ll translate it here so those that do not understand finnish can make the judgement themselves:

    “I offer a free business idea: Develop a spray that sprays pig blood on attacking muslim.

    you see, muslim covered in pig blood is turned unclean to enter muslim heaven

    Harmless self-defense equipment for all women, bus drivers, store clerks, guards and other community servants.”

    Many comments I have read here seems to indicate that people think that he has talked about using pig blood spray as some sort of attacking weapon to harass all muslims, when in fact I at least understand him calling it to be used for a harmless self-defense against attacks. You can judge him all you want, but I think you really have be straight with the facts and not use half truths.

    To that end, if you still think this is hate speech and/or incitement against ethnic group, then could you give me a objective definition what is hate speech and incitement against ethnic group?

    • Marshall Niles

      Yossie.. you make a very valid point, and I must admit, that helped a lot. Minä ymmärrän Suomi, koska olen suomen kielen opiskele. Problem is, I didn’t misread Olli’s words, but understood them in the context of his past posts. He always seems to have an idea about immigrants, muslims, migrants, refugees and more..the thing is, I need us to put our heads together and discuss this..

      °°Attacking Muslims – how the hell does someone know if the person who is attacking them is a Muslim? There could be an attacking Buddhist or Jain for all you know!

      now, If Sademies is referring to attacking Muslims, aka ISIS..you and I both know this..a “spray” wont be an effective weapon.

      Again, if Sademies is referring to a rape occurring, lets say, by a black man.. Black people have many religions..There’s black Jews, Hindu’s, Christians, Muslims.. the list goes on… so..

      I can only assume..he stereotyped all Muslims to be Somalians, or black, and to be foreign..That’s where my beef is. He deliberately demonstrates a constructive lack of understanding of actual religions, races and cultures and puts everyone in the same bucket. This man is a threat that will divide and create a segregation amongst the peaceful Finnish society as it is. I don’t want that. Man, I want us all to live in harmony..It is a wish shared by millions..and Im sure, you too. I don’t believe Sademies has anyone’s best interests in mind, except for a white, Finnish born Finn. That just sucks.

    • Yossie

      If we think the viability of proposed equipment, I think we soon find out it has more holes than swiss cheese. I don’t think that is the point however. My main motivation here is that if people are going call out Sademies for he has said, then whatever he has said has to be truthfully and clearly here and not in a misleading half truth cut outs.

      Also secondly, I am interested to find out what constitutes as hate speech or incitement against race group. Like does it count as hate speech to claim something works as a repellent against something? Can someone draw an objective line and definition here? After all, hate speech is illegal, yet very much undefined in my opinion.

    • Marshall Niles

      Well put. I think you and I are atleast on the right track of being able to talk this out, unlike someone else here, whose name represents, “a free-swimming sexual form of a coelenterate such as a jellyfish, typically having an umbrella-shaped body with stinging tentacles around the edge”, and who seems to only comment in the form of “punch you in the face, pull your muslim beard, spray you in the face with bear, pig and mace spray, etc etc:)” Medusa, I’m looking at you, lil one.

      Anyways, Lets take Donald Trump as an example. 5 Investors, including the second richest man in the world, have now broken all ties with him. Remember, Donald Trump is the 408th richest man in the world. Thats nothign to be proud of. He cant afford to loose investors. However, a supporter of Trump could find numerous reasons to justify what he said and make it sound like roses and petals. But you know it, and I know it, that isnt the case. His statements were unsupported, extagerrated, politically incorrect and a blind attack at anything that lives or breathes mexican. So now, this old fool will suffer the consequences. Why? Because there is still a majority of the world that has its senses and has common sense to separate right from wrong.

      Now, lets go to Sademies. His last status was comparing the pros of being a white man to the cons of being a black man. Unfortunately since his FB page is now deactivated, I cannot refer to that status anymore. Lets go to something that is already in the news. The African sterilization topic. Sademies suggested sterilizing African males (remember..he said African Males), to prevent them having over 3 children. Now..why African males? Why not Swedish immigrants? or Indian immigrants? Or Scottish refugees, or maybe even UK immigrants? why exactly are “African Males” the center of attention? Is there any documentation to support that African males are purported to reproduce like rabbits? Do you know something? I can count 17 families that I know that have over 8 kids. Pure Finnish. Why not “Finnish males”? Why “African“? I dont need to explain this. I think you get my point. You know that he isnt trying to pad his words. He means exactly what he is trying to mean. He is generalizing. You know it.

      Now…the pig spray fiasco. Is it a politicians job to create a deterrent/solution towards a particular religion? Why only Muslims? Have all crimes in Finland or even the majority, been committed by Muslims? So, every rape, burglary, mugging, theft, murder, robbery etc, has been done by a Muslim, eh? Sexual harassment? Muslim? You know what solutions Sweden/ Germany is discussing within its forums to prevent rape/harassment etc? Self defense classes. Faster integration for refugees. Positive propaganda to protect other foreigners form being victims of stereotypes due to the mistakes of a few….and many more initiatives.
      But of course, Olli’s solution was bang on! Take pig blood, put it in a spray bottle..and viola! you have a business idea to protect yourself against an “attacking Muslim”. Does this sound right to your ears Yossie?

      Now, free speech is wonderful. Talk your mouth off. State your opinions. Objectify and disseminate a subject and voice your protest if it is against your ideologies. BUT..there are lines. You see…when you are on facebook, or on most blog platforms, or social media in general, Almost EVERY one of them has rules and regulations, which defines the fine line as stating your opinions and deliberately inciting hatred towards a particular group of people through racism, racist statements, discrimination, bigotry etc etc.

      You tell me.. dont you believe that Olli didnt think this through when he came up with a business idea to protect against attacking Muslims? No well respected politician would talk like that. You know it, and I know it. Stubb’s never has. hautala never has. Cronberg never has, hell, Obama never has, Bush never has, even Rob Ford never has.

      Ok, I’m going to ask you for your opinion on this. Once I get your reply, we can conclude this.

      there is a politician in India. His name is Mulayam Singh Yadav. During this ongoing “Rape crisis” in India, he recently stated, “Boys make mistakes. They should not be hanged for this. We will revoke the anti-rape laws,”

      Now, this is related to the the most recent rape case, after two teenage girls were gang raped and hanged from a tree in Badaun district in the northern state last month.

      Now.. as a Yadav supporter, you could say, I am interested to find out what constitutes as hate speech or incitement against race group. Like does it count as hate speech to claim that boys are just boys? Can someone draw an objective line and definition here?

      as a non supporter you can say, justifying and excusing intentional rape by a gang of 6 adolescents, towards minors, who were then hung from a tree and murdered, by saying “boys make mistakes”, is contrary to providing a solution because it gives other men a source of encouragement that it is ok to rape, because they wont get a major punishment for that. Simply a jail term of 2-3 years, free food, no rent, and then back to normal life!

      So, in the same way…in your eyes Olli is using free speech by simply saying, “business idea! spray made of pigs blood to be used against attacking muslims”.

      In my eyes, Olli is generalizing that all attackers are Muslims, which relates to him being in a anti immigrant, islamophobic party, which in turn relates back to another statement that “African males” should be sterilized, which again relates to his assumption that all African males are horny jackrabbits, which brings us to his other comment on “Somalians and rape”, which again relates to the assumption that “all” Somalians are rapists..

      I could go on and on..Yossie..you’re well informed, smart and probably quick to find a resolution. You know it and I know it. A member of the government, especially a “public figure” is usually trained on diplomacy, respect and public relations. Olli doesn’t posses the girth to stay on a pedestal of dignity and respect. In the same way, neither does Teuvo..and many others. in the 21st century, after having witnessed 2 wars, 3 nuclear disasters, 5 chemical disasters, 18 major oil spills, genocide, mass murder, Hitlers Germany, Mao’s dynasty, Fucking Ghadaffi, Idi Amin and many more, I think most of the world has grown up and come to terms with this realization that we all are created as equals, and live through the same shit, regardless of color. I’m not sure what bubble Olli has been living in, because he obviously cannot even understand that being African doesnt neccesiate being a corn humping sex addict, and being Somalian doesn’t necessitate being Muslim, and being different skinned doesn’t necessitate being a rapist.

    • Yossie

      My interest in having people define the hate speech is that if hate speech in punishable by law, then it needs to be clear for people what is punishable and what is not. Also it needs to consistent that the punishment does not get applied only because it was a PS member who said it.

      Now, about Sademies, he is a reserve city councilor. He is pretty much a no body. Could you say he is really a politician? Let alone “representative of government”. I feel comparing him to Obama is a bit… too much. How many people actually followed or read what he said in facebook before anti-racists made him famous?

      If I understood right, biggest problem you have is that Sademies is generalizing. So if one says to use spray against attacking muslim is actually saying all attackers are muslims? But is that not an assumption you have made? He never actually said that. Following your logic, could I not say that if someone claims Finland has problem with racism, then they are in fact saying all Finns are racists! They are generalizing! What if a non finn says Finns are not talkative? Generalizing! Jail him/her for incitement right?

    • Yossie

      Enough is enough Medusa

      Let me tell you something. I have been commenting on this site for a long time and most often I have not agreed with what had been said. Even then I have NEVER had my reply deleted in this site. Not once. At worse it has gotten in moderation because this blog has keywords that make your reply get stuck. Everything has gone through eventually.

      So I encourage you to read what you have written here and think for a moment: did I get deleted because my arguments irrefutable or did I get deleted because my replies were full of insults and had no arguments. You should do some self reflection.

      Not only are your comments insulting and making you look like complete idiot, they just very well might be illegal. Defamation is still punishable by law.

      Also about Marshall, he is actually more willing to have dialogue than some others in this blog. So I give you a hint to go along with your self reflection: The problem is not with Marshall.

  8. MattiR2106

    I saw ‘Olli” spray on sale at the same store that sells scimitars to Muslims complete with a voice.mp4 file that screams out the hate and perceived atrocities committed by Christians throughout the ages … beginning with the Crusades beginning 1099 AD….. These scimitars are sold to Muslims only…. who will proceed to use them on all ‘kufar’ (non-believers/Muslims)…. Allah Akbar!!!……