Speaking to two asylum seekers detained at the Joutseno immigration removal center

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A twenty-four-year-old asylum seeker, which Finland has tried to deport twice and failed, has been locked up for about two months at the Joutseno immigration removal center. The question is for how long can the authorities keep a man locked up for simply refusing to be deported?

The man, who is from Iraq and has two rejections for asylum in Finland, asks through his English-speaking roommate who to publish pictures of how he was beaten up by the police after be was forced off the plane.

“I came to Finland when I was sixteen and I’ve been locked up at Joutseno for one month,” he said on the phone. “I don’t understand why I’m going to be deported since my brother, who is living in Finland for four years, got asylum for the same reasons I told Migri [the Finnish Immigration Service].”

The young asylum seeker, who is also from Iraq, said that his father lives in Germany as a resident.

A picture of the twenty-four-year-old asylum seeker after he was removed from the plane. He alleges that the police hit him. In one picture not shown his teeth appear to be damaged possibly from the impact of a fist.

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  1. Light

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  2. Light


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