Somali young man leaps to his death in Oulu, Finland

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By Enrique Tessieri

The cause of the death of a Somali male in Oulu on Monday night is still unresolved after he leaped to his death from his sixth-floor apartment balcony.  Police have not confirmed the cause of death but neighbors contacted by Migrant Tales claim that the eighteen-year-old was attacked by a group of Finns who had entered his home by force

“We don’t have that much information [about the causes or whether he was assaulted],” the police told Migrant Tales.

A resident of the neighborhood claimed that the Somali was attacked by a group of Finns who forced their way into his home with a chainsaw.

“They [the Finns] entered the [Somali’s] home and fearing for his life he tried escaping by leaping from the balcony,” said a Somali resident of the neighborhood  who knew the victim.

The apartment, located in the neighborhood of Toppila, houses many immigrants.

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      jrdos, from personally I want to extend my condolences for what happened. I know many of Somalis in Finland who knew your brother. All of them spoke highly of him. Welcome to our blog, Migrant Tales.