Soldiers of Odin expand to Finland’s Åland Islands

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I ran across a story in Seura about the far-right vigilante group, Soldiers of Odin, starting a chapter in Finland’s Åland Islands. Migrant Tales has wondered in a number of stories the Finnish media’s fascination with far-right and racist groups like the Soldiers of Odin. 

But it’s not only the media that gives space and exposure to such Nazi- sympathizing groups, some police representatives don’t see any problems with them either.

“In my opinion, it’s positive that we have more ears and eyes in [Åland] society, which inform the police,” Maria Hoikkala, Åland chief of police, was quoted as saying in Ålandstidningenille.

Read the full story (in Swedish) here

In light of the police’s continued mixed response to far-right vigilante groups and the media’s apparent fascination with them, one may correctly ask why was the story about this group published in a Åland newspaper? The story doesn’t tell us, but we may be talking about a “taxi organization,” or that all of its members can fit in the back seat of a car. 

Why is this a story in the first place and why does the chief of police not have any issues with this far-right group that marches and has sympathies with neo-Nazi groups?

Is it because they are white? 

The fact that a group identifies with neo-Nazis raises a lot of questions about Hoikkala’s knowledge about the horrors of World War 2.