So a PS councilman of Lieksa, Finland, wants a “Somali-free” room…

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Roble Bashir

We need a Somali-free meeting room today in the eastern Finnish town of Lieksa, according to a Perussuomalaiset (PS) councilman Esko Saastamoinen. Somali-free town tomorrow or Somali- free country after tomorrow?  Why do they hate us so much?

Illustration by Sebastian L. Jackson for Migrant Tales.

Many times I wonder what is wrong with the PS? Why do they make near-constant ludicrous comments to the media about Somalis in Finland? It makes me sad to read what they say but it gives me power and awareness at the same time.

The PS has put a large sign over its head: We hate everything about you Somalis, your skin color and the fact that you live in this Finland.

Why do they hate us so much if we don’t hold any grudges against them? What’s wrong? Are we invaders to this land? Actually not, because some of us were not only born here but grew up in this country as well. Despite this fact, we’re treated like strangers, even as outcasts.

How can immigrants integrate into Finland if politicians create a climate of intolerance and hatred with their racist speeches to the public and sound bites to the media?

It’s a pretty normal day in Finland when you wake up in a morning, read a newspaper or start surfing the internet, when you eventually read about a politician saying something negative and hostile about immigrants. It’s extremely sad that an MP, who represents this country, uses his power for fear-mongering.

One of these MPs is Jussi Halla-aho of the PS, who visited the town of Lieksa over the weekend.  If he gets elected to the European Parliament in May, he will do everything possible to make our lives more difficult in Europe.

Even so, I’m certain he won’t succeed.